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The Easy Way To Invest in God’s Money:

Gold and Silver



By Mark Attwood

Serial Investor, Entrepreneur, Freedom-Loving Father of Five and Working Class hero


About the author:


I’m a real man with lots of online credentials if you want to check me out (see below).


I believe in God, Freedom and Sovereignty.


I am an ex-pilot, ex-stand up, a poet, a serial entrepreneur, a father of five, a publisher, an author, a podcaster and an explorer of life and all it has to offer.


My own businesses have generated over £100m in my business career, but I lost most of it.


I’m not driven by money, I am driven by passions, ideas, invention, people.


I am pragmatic about money – we live in a system that needs it to live.


While that is still the case, I will do whatever I can to earn it smartly so I have as many choices as possible in life.


I studied Economics for 5 years and nobody ever mentioned the fractional reserve banking system to me.


I’m not a fan of big government, media censorship, or communism.


I dream of a better world every day.


I am a powerful manifestor.


I eat steak.


I still smoke cigarettes (but I will stop before it stops me).


I sharing this info because:


1. I genuinely believe the information contained within will be useful to anyone who is looking to invest in Gold and Silver in this crazy time we are currently living in
2. The solution I present genuinely solved my own gold and silver issues and may do the same for you


3. If you follow my advice, I will earn money from it and you will have the opportunity to do the same if you want to.


Be warned: I have been studying conspiracies for 30 years. I do not believe COVID is real. I do believe in God’s Plan.


If you can cope with all that, here are my online links so you can see if I am a real person or not:


My personal website: https://markattwood.com   (yes, it needs updating)


My main business website: https://attwooddigital.com 


My Linkedin profile (which I gave up updating in 2020): https://www.linkedin.com/in/markattwood/


My Main YouTube Show: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheMarkAttwoodShowAdventuresinaCosmicSuit2/videos


(this is where I talk about spiritual stuff, the conspiracy against mankind, health stuff and other things I think are important. You might agree. Or not. I don’t really care).


My Facebook profile (which I am usually banned from posting on): https://www.facebook.com/markaattwood



 24th June 2021


Here we go:


It doesn’t matter what your politics are, who you voted for, whether or not you believe in the pandemic, or the Great Reset or the Quantum Financial System


One thing is for sure


If you’re not buying and storing gold and silver right now, you’re making a BIG mistake.


BUT – the elites and the institutional investors are WAAAAY ahead of you.


They’ve left little more than pickings on the table for you and me.


In fact, buying gold and silver right now has turned into The Wild West, especially if you’re new to it.


I have heard many horror stories since the lockdowns started…


From unscrupulous dealers simply keeping unsuspecting investors’ money without delivering the goods…


To fake coins..


To massively overpriced metal


BUT – you know that your money in the bank is not safe


They are passing laws world-wide that allow them to “bail-in” and steal your money.


The money itself is based on nothing but our confidence in it, and that confidence is wearing thin.


The interest you get from the banks on your hard earned money is negligible


In fact, they are even starting to charge NEGATIVE interest rates!


Which means they will soon be charging you for keeping your money.


The banks are BUST.


Crypto is unbelievably risky and volatile – it’s good for some high risk bets if you like that sort of thing, but it’s not the place for your whole portfolio.


The stock markets are nuts and more and more people are realising they are FIXED


In other words, the house always wins, just like a casino.


Property is always a good bet, but it’s a BIG investment always.


But…Gold and Silver have ALWAYS been there throughout history.


They are the BEDROCK of all value in the world.


They are the SAFEST bet during a crash, a recession, a time of uncertainty.


Times like RIGHT NOW.


They are two commodities that Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, call’s GODS MONEY


And for Good Reason.


Until the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971, the US dollar was based on gold. Since then it’s been based on fresh air.


Everyone knows the mother of all crashes is coming.


And coming soon.


So it is completely logical to switch at least SOME of your hard earned cash into precious metal, right?






Here are the common problems with buying Gold and Silver in 2021:


1. You can’t buy incrementally like you can with crypto


2. You don’t know who to trust when you do buy it


3. It’s hard to get the value of what you do buy appraised quickly and cheaply and accurately


4. It’s even harder to cash it in when you do get it appraised if you need to


5. It’s super risky to have it stored anywhere but in your own possession


6. It’s hard to use Gold and Silver to save regularly for your future and the future of your family.


7. It’s hard to know which Gold and Silver coins are the most collectible and in demand


8. It’s hard to get it delivered to your home safely and quickly


9. It’s hard to know which coins are the most tax efficient (or even TAX FREE)


10. The Banks HATE it when you switch to Gold and Silver.



Gold and Silver are massively UNDERVALUED right now.


Silver even more than Gold.


If you’ve done even a small amount of research, you’ll know this is true.


I am just like you: I looked into Gold and Silver hard.


I bought some, but I didn’t really know what I was doing.


All I did know is that for the sake of mine and my family’s future wellbeing and survival, I had to invest in at least some.


That is when I realised all the above problems were true.


And it kind of stopped me in my tracks.


But then I came across a Gold and Silver investment club that has given me incredible freedom to not only safely invest in previous metals, but also ALL of the following:


1. A membership that gives me access to a huge range of in-demand Gold and Silver coins


2. An online marketplace that allows me to get my gold and silver appraised quickly and accurately


3. A marketplace where I can cash them in quickly if I need to


4. An online wallet that allows me and my family to buy in small amounts just like my crypto wallet


5. A super-fast delivery service (I live in Ireland and my first coins from the US arrived in less than 5 days!)


6. A monthly savings system where I can get coins delivered to me every month on auto pilot, which means not only making money but also avoiding those crappy interest rates in the bank


7. A way of making residual income from introducing other investors to the party.


In simple terms: it’s the EASIEST way to invest in GOLD and SILVER ever invented.


Want to know EXACTLY what to do?


Enter your details now and I will email you a link to a private ZOOM meeting soon with me and some great friends who will explain the whole process to you.




I will ONLY email you details of these zooms and I will be present personally to answer all of your questions.


It was because I went on a zoom with Dr Christiane Northrup that I even found out about this!


Make sure you look out for the emails with GOLD AND SILVER ZOOM in the subject line (I won't email right away) - you'll get at least 24 hours notice whenever I do one.


Also, white-list mark@themarkattwoodshow.com so you don't miss me in your email spam folder.


Simple as that.


(But don't do this if you have NOTHING to invest - I don't want to waste your time)


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