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In August of 2020, the year we will never forget, God called me to start being public about the knowledge I’d gained after 30 years of research and experiences to help others through the plandemic by waking them up to the truth about the world and navigating the path to the solutions for our future: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. This is why I started my channel" The Mark Attwood Show: Adventures in a Cosmic Suit"

My own path involved resigning from the military (I was a trainee pilot in the RAF) back in 1989 when I first realised there was something deeply wrong with our systems.
This led to a colourful and exciting life in my meat suit which involved working as a poet, stand-up comic, theatre producer, director and actor, journalist and entrepreneur: with many great highs and lows.
It also led to five amazing children, living in three countries, a marriage separation, alcoholism and a near suicide experience which reintroduced me to God and my higher self with a bang after 20 years of near-atheism.
The problem when you start to “wake up” is it leads to a feeling of depression and complete desolation as your world-view falls apart.
Through my interviews, poetry and humour I have helped many thousands of people around the world through this, which has been my honour and privilege, and I intend to continue helping through the awakening process in any way I can, as we discover (or rediscover) new ways of living and organising our world for a bright and beautiful future for all of us and our descendants.
Our journey to greatness is written in the stars, and we are star children. No-one ever said it was going to be easy. If it was, it wouldn’t be worth doing.
There is, of course, much more I could say but I will sign off by thanking you for being on this adventure with me and thanking God for giving me the choice of whether to hang around a bit longer to help out.